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354 Onion Lk Rd
Thunder Bay, ON
P7G 2B4

Kevin Palmer (Partner Palmer Creative Group) is a Registered Professional Marketer certified by the Canadian Institute of Marketing in 2007. (member #801) Kevin has provided marketing expertise to clients in Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Toronto, Vancouver, and all across Canada. In addition, the Palmer Creative Group has amassed a large following on Social Media including Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Post impressions of the intricate video and still images often see 10,000 to 25,000 views on a regular basis. Being a target marketing specialist in the mining field, means that a certain level of trust has already been established with our company and we have an excellent track record of bringing millions of dollars in sales to our clients through our sales and marketing techniques. We gently and professionally interview your existing best clients utilizing their opinions to help us tell your story best – and use our media excellence to attract the initial attention of your prospects: our lighting stops the scroll and our video tells your story. Our hourly rate is typically $100 and we have offered retainers to geophysics, geology, mining supply companies, scanning companies and core tray manufacturers in the past. Our sales and marketing work in the tourism business is somewhat legendary chalk-full of heightened participation from lodges/outfitters, massive industry-leading sponsorship negotiations with Sport Show operators, massive coverage in Television/Radio/Outdoor/Print/Newspaper throughout the US Midwest, Texas, Arizona and across Canada, Germany and China. Welcome to the Palmer Creative Group! Many more examples of our work is available here.

Services we provide:

Mining Marketing Specialists
Mining and Industrial Photographer
Mine Site Videography
Gimbal Video Segments
Client Surveys
Marketing Plans
Media Plans
Mining Photographer
Mining Marketing Specialists
Certified Drone Pilot
Certified Mining Drone Pilot 



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